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The CUNY Animal Behavior Initiative

Welcome to CABI



The CUNY Animal Behavior Initiative is a group of animal behavior scientists across CUNY campuses, who share interests in the behavioral and perceptual mechanisms of animals in the field and captivity. Our strength is in studying mechanisms of behavior in a variety of excellent model and non-model systems from electric communication and maze learning in fish, to animal intelligence in dolphins and elephants. From single neuron control of escape response in fish, to vocal learning and culture in birds and dolphins. And from robotic simulation of octopus behavior to seabird migration. Throughout this diversity of subjects and concepts, CABI can offer unique training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students across species and model systems.




.......................About CABI .............................


Coming soon: Behavioral Ecology 2014 conference at CABI/Hunter

Mark Hauber is PI on $1.2 million HFSP grant to study the structural basis of egg coloration in birds.

Diana Reiss showing evidence in problem solving in an elephant
Chris Braun's segment with NBC-Learn
Mark Hauber has publication in Nature Communications


About our CABI first annual conference at the Roosevelt House

Humming fish

Paul Forlano overturns a rock to reveal a nest inhabited by a type I male midshipman fish


Two of our laboratories, David C. Lahti lab & Ofer Tchernichovski lab study birdsong culture.


Mark Hauber studies extravagant begging displays and call matching between brood parasites and their hosts


Frank Grasso studies neural, ecological and behavioral foundations of intelligence