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CABI 1st Annual Conference

When Mar 31, 2012
from 09:00 AM to 07:45 PM
Where The Roosevelt House
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The CUNY Animal Behavior Initiative (CABI) 1st Annual Conference

Saturday, March 31 2012, 9:30am – 8:00pm

The Roosevelt House, New York, NY

9:00-9:30  Registration (advanced registration required)


9:30 -9:35 Introduction to the conference & to the Roosevelt House

Workshop I: New approaches for studying animal behavior

9:35 -9:40 Introduction to the workshop, Darcy Kelly (Columbia University)

9:40-9:55 Dan McLoskey (CSI, CUNY), Living Eusocial: RFID-based tracking of social and cooperative behavior in laboratory-housed naked mole-rats

9:55-10:15 Ofer Tchernchovski (Hunter College, CUNY), Analysis of developmental song learning: from phonology to cultural evolution

10:15-10:30 Jason Munshi-South (Baruch College, CUNY), Animal behavior and evolution in the Anthropocene: white-footed mice as a model for adaptation to urban environments

10:30-11:00 Breakfast

11:00-11:30 Special lecture: Naomi Pierce (Harvard University), Introduction to behavioral genomics

11:30-12:00 Special lecture: Jim Goodson (Indiana University), Neuroendocrine mechanisms of social group size evolution in birds

12:00-12:15 Round table discussion


12:15:1:15pm Lunch & Poster session


1:15-1:25 Announcements

Workshop II: From self to species: Mechanisms of recognition systems

1:25-1:30 Introduction, Mark Hauber (Hunter College, CUNY)

1:30-1:45 Sarah M.N . Wooley (Columbia University), Effects of species identity and early experience on vocal communication

1:45-2:00 Chris Braun (Hunter College, CUNY), Meaning and content in electrical signaling by pulse gymnotiform fishes

2:00-2:15 Paul Forlano (Brooklyn College, CUNY), Neurochemical and neuroanatomical substrates underlying auditory-driven social behavior in a vocal fish

2:15-2:25 a very short break

225-2:40 Mark Hauber (Hunter College, CUNY), Recognizing friends and enemies: the diverse cases of avian brood parasitism.

240-3:00 Special Lecture: Diana Reiss (Hunter College, CUNY), Dolphin in the mirror

3:00-3:15 Round table discussion

3:15:340 Coffee break


Workshop III: How animal communication relates to music, culture & speech

340-355 Darcy Kelly (Columbia University)

355-4:10 Stefano Ghirlanda (Visiting Professor, Brooklyn College, CUNY), Communication out of equilibrium.

410-425 David Lahti (Queens College, CUNY), How bird song has influenced human music

415-430 Short break

430-500 Special lecture: David Huron (Ohio State University), Signals, cues, and music: At the intersection of art and ethology

500-515 Round Table Discussion


515-615 Light food & Poster session


Evening event:

615-620 5 min film about the CABI labs

6:20-7:10 Keynote lecture: Molly Cummings (U. Texas), The dynamic neural mechanisms of mate preference behavior - a candidate gene approach with poeciliid fishes

7:10-7:35 David Rothenberg (NJ Tech): a demonstration of musicality in whale & bird vocalization

7:35-7:40 Closing announcements